We are a multinational business development group.

Originally a web marketing social media company, established in England in 2013, we have grown into a multinational financial group.

We help companies with their workflow, business strategy, financial management, social media presence, web marketing, supply chain and IT networks. Our own focus is on foreign investment and global sourcing. We proudly support several international youth-sports oriented projects.

We are based in Britain and have offices in Czech Republic, United States and China.

Our clients’ privacy is paramount. Hence we do not boast references on our page. We only work on a personal recommendation basis.

Our areas of expertise

Offering wide ranging assistance in 3 key consulting areas: Information Technology, Business and Social Media.

BRS provides advice and expertise to help improve business performance, particularly in respect to becoming profitable, relocations and fund raising.

Offering valuable solutions and facilitating change, we help companies to solve problems, create value, improve growth and maximise business efficiency and profitability.

Especially strong in structure & strategy, but also in getting businesses, non-profit organisations & individuals on social media. Specialising in network functioning, social media maintenance and visibility for athletes.

We offer truly global services – assistance is not location dependant, as help also offered remotely.

BRS excels at helping clients improve in the following areas

IT consulting


  • Small business networks management
  • IT system consultancy & implementations
  • Companies’ cloud conversions
  • Web design & build
  • Data protection implementation

Business consulting


  • Company finance
  • Management consultancy
  • Logistics system implementation
  • Company workflow and management change
  • Risk management & business restructuring

Social media services


  • Social media set up
  • Successful audience engagement
  • Publicity consulting
  • Advertising
  • Mobile app & website development


We put our efforts into following projects with a global reach.

Boardriding.com logo

Boardriding.com - Boardriding world
All about surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Boardriding.com is the largest global board sports social network on the planet, with the largest events database covering all 3 sports. The focus is on providing a positive environment for the young boardriding audience.

Over 1.500.000 Facebook followers. For those who ride.

> boardriding.com


Vergonomics logo

Vergonomics - Logistics & Global Sourcing
A consulting and assistance service matching clients’ specific needs to the best suppliers and manufacturers. Sourcing competitive products quickly and smoothly via an experienced team based in Guangdong, China. Vergonomics offers clients a smooth and reliable import/export experience.

> vergonomics.com

Insane frog

Insane Frog logo

Insane Frog - Custom Longboards
Insane boards are top-quality European handmade longboards. Made with an original deck design and unique graphics they are one-of-a-kind boards. Whether you love cruising or pump tracks, beginners to advanced riders can find the perfect match. Brake boards are also available for added speed control.

> insanefrog.com


TechoLED logo

TechoLED - The lighting company
TechoLED specializes in providing lighting solutions for projects that require custom LED fixtures. The company is based in New York City with a distribution centre in Long Island, NY. TechoLED successfully manages projects across all the U.S. and Canada.

> techoled.com

Green Valley

Green Valley logo

Green Valley - The hotel resort
Green Valley is a multifunctional complex located in Czech Republic, Central Europe. Nestled in the middle of a beautiful valley in central Bohemia, the complex is only an hour’s drive or 20 minutes flight by helicopter from Prague airport. It offers the perfect hideaway for private functions, weddings, sport venues or company teambuilding events. The resort also consists of a sport complex including a grass football pitch, disk golf course and tennis court.

> green-valley.cz

Insane Design

Insane Design logo

Insane Design - Interior design
Insane design is an interior design project focusing on contemporary design from around the world. The showroom displays design pieces sourced from manufacturers and designers worldwide. The actual interior studio is based in Prague, Central Europe, and offers a wide range of design services. The shop and web presence will be launched in early 2023.

> insanedesign.cz


blu-zap.com logo

BluZap - UV disinfection company
BluZap is an UV disinfection service using UV-C technology. The U.S., New York based company is an expert in thoroughly disinfecting public and commercial spaces. BlueZap’s service offers a safe and highly effective solution how to win a battle against viruses and bacteria without using chemicals.

> blu-zap.com


eskodesignamericas logo

Esko Design Americas - Reinventing Lighting
Esko Design is a lighting manufacturer focusing on a Scandinavian-inspired original design fixtures with an attention to aesthetics and advanced technology. With over eleven years’ experience Esko specialises in high-end hospitality, residential and commercial LED solution projects. Designed in Præstø, Denmark, assembled in Industry City, Brooklyn, New York.

> eskodesignamericas.com


insane igloo logo

Insane Igloo - Garden domes manufacturer
Steel frame igloo dome tent for gardens, cafe house or camp. Environment friendly futuristically looking geodesic pods create a peaceful, or even luxurious ecological setting. Luxury Pods are designed for glamorous camping. Tents are manufactured in Foshan, sales office is based in Prague. Delivery and installation is available worldwide.

> insaneigloo.com

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